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Your Life's Already Complicated

so we’ve made creating your legacy simple

Parents like you lead busy lives, so we’ve
made the work of capturing your heart and thoughts easy.

By providing exceptional questions and beautiful,
streamlined options for your keepsake books, we make
choices simple and do the heavy lifting for you.

That way, you can focus your energy on what matters –
connecting with your kids.


Each week, you’ll receive a question via email. Sometimes it’s incredibly thought-provoking, while other times it simply captures a snapshot in time. You’ll take a few minutes each week to respond, and after a few months, you’ll have written a beautiful keepsake book of letters to your child! Explore examples of questions.


After six months, we’ll take all your writing and compile them into a beautiful E-Book of letters to your child. You can choose from three signature styles, and that’s it! We’ll do the rest. Explore examples of an E-Book template.


Want to turn your writing into a beautiful, bound keepsake book? With the push of a button you can have your E-Book professionally printed and bound, creating a family heirloom to share with your children, or keep for yourself. Choose from paperback or hardcover and we will do the rest. Create something special while keeping it simple. Explore examples of a printed book.