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Justine, Rosie, and Kevin - a family photo
Rosie and her daddy in front of a brick wall

We founded Letters To Rosie because we want our daughter, Rosie, to know what we are thinking and discussing and trying to figure out as we raise her. The inspiration behind Letters To Rosie was a desire to share with her our thoughts, dreams, and struggles throughout our lives…while it is all actually happening. Not 40 years into the future looking back on a past hazily remembered. We hope that our letters to Rosie achieve that goal.

We want her to read our responses and see that we, too, are human…all too human, in fact. And that we, too, struggle with issues pertaining to family, love, marriage, budget, and lifestyle. We hope she can use our experiences to learn for herself what is important to us and glean from our successes and failures some nuggets that may be important for her own life.

We also wanted to make it easy for us to use. Like many young parents, we live increasingly hectic lives – balancing the demands of ever longer work schedules, grocery shopping, cooking, organizing Rosie’s schedule and our own personal schedules, making lunches, and planning extracurriculars, while still prioritizing time to connect with friends, family, and loved ones. Not to even mention needing time to connect with each other as life partners!

So, how can we possibly connect more deeply with our daughter…even though we want to?

Our answer is Letters To Rosie. This is our legacy to her – a legacy of thoughts and feelings. We hope you’ll join us.