Papa, what are you most excited about for the summer?

Querida Patita,

I’m excited to be in Philly and to see you in school and summer program and I’m really amped to get these businesses your Mom and I are starting off the ground! I’m also interested in what your Mom and I are going to be feeling as we live the summer in Philly and know that we are going to be in Philly from now on only part of the year. Last year was our last full year in Philadelphia. This coming year we will split between Portugal/Europe and Philly. And life will never be the same. How will we do it??? We don’t know for sure the answer to that question…but I am excited about how we will respond and process it this summer.

And. of course, it is going to be wonderful seeing our friends with whom we have close relationships, our family, and people we have yet to meet. Also, I’m amped to play tennis. A lot! And I’m so excited to go places with you. And, to teach you to read. I’m making that my goal for us this summer. You’re on the verge of being ready for it!


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