Papa, what do you want most for me?

My darling Ro-Ro, mi querida Patita,

I want you to be able to fly. What that means to me is that you be able to let your true colors through. That you are free to express who YOU are…whoever that may be. And in whatever stage of becoming that may be. What do I mean by that, especially that latter part? Well, sometimes you don’t know who you are and what values define you or what you’re meant to be and you need to go out into the world and ask it. My greatest hope is that we can help you navigate the experiences you will have and arm you with tools and strategies to take any bumps and bruises in stride, to bask in the wondrous experiences you have and to build upon them, and to always be thoughtful of others in the process. These are big dreams and they certainly neglect mention of the tools and strategies WE will have to develop in order for you to be the most complete and wonderful person you are meant to be. What do I mean by this?

Well, it’s hard to write I must say…for a multi-faceted reason: I’m struggling to find the words because well, I in some way don’t want to acknowledge what I have to do. Which is this, in a nutshell: I will have to develop the ability to watch you flail. Not fail (mind you, failing is mental construct to which you you can subscribe…or not), but rather, flail. As a parent, I will have to stand by and observe while you flail in the face of new and challenging experiences. Not one time. But many times. Sometimes, in succession. It will be the hardest thing. And I will have to wait on the sidelines until I am asked by you to help or I anticipate that you will be in a situation that may prove seriously damaging. That last part is the most difficult. I have much greater patience and resolve than most when it comes to flailing situations as I realize the incredible opportunity they present for growth, but there is a line, no? And how does one find that? I don’t want to fail you.


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