Papa, what do you want most for you?

Mi querida Patita,

I want to be able more than anything to say when I am 80 yrs old that…I tried. That I followed my heart and my hopes and dreams. That I was a good husband (I have A LOT of work to do still), that I was a good father (ditto), that I was successful in my work endeavors: not in the traditional sense that is results or otherwise externally-based – like a fancy new car or a big house or lots of money, but in the sense where I worked hard and smart and created more opportunities for myself and my family to succeed and be successful. I hope that makes sense to you mi Patita.

I’m so happy living my life with your mother. She’s the most wonderful partner I could ever imagine. And I want to live our lives completely and wonderfully; a life that includes lots of travel and coffee, and love, and new foods to taste, and becoming…better beings for others, and for ourselves and for you.

And, of course, I want us to be able to plan and effect a lot of intentional child-rearing. You are our treasure. You won’t be our only treasure, I hope. But you will always be our absolute love. We love you, and getting to know you has been quite a beautiful thing. As you grow and experience life, it’s so neat to see you…how can I say? Unfold. Yes, that’s the word…unfold. Your personality and life-force just burst through, each and every day. And it’s just so amazing to be privy to that. I want to be there to witness your unfolding, day by day, and experience by experience. That’s what I want, too. To see you, and your eventual siblings, unfold and experience the world, and take it’s slaps and caresses and then…unfold some more.

Con mucho amor,


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